Transformation Plan

Scoping and Planning

At this stage of the program / project we define the high-level scope and direction of the project is and agreement is reached with the key stakeholders.

Workshops are used to bring all of the relevant stakeholders together so that decisions can be made based on a clear understanding of what the business and user goals are for the project.

Scoping and Planning

Stakeholders Workshops


Semi-customized interviews that utilizes our knowledge library with business or project stakeholders is conducted to understand their goals, targets, priorities, requirements and constraints in relation to a specific project. As it is a semi-customized interview, a guide is created to ensure each stakeholder is asked the same or similar set of open ended questions so responses can be compared and generalized.  


Stakeholder Workshops can provide the project team with:

  • Project Background– for example, previous attempts that have not been successful.
  • Contacts– who can provide useful input into the project.
  • Success Determinants– what the solution needs to achieve to be deemed successful.
  • Organizational context– for example, how the project fits with higher level organizational goals.
  • User or Process insights– for example, how the project could improve the existing experience or business process.
  • Terms of Reference: For stakeholders who would be signing off project deliverable, a ToR of what needs to be delivered and the sign-off criteria that will be used.

User Experience Plan

UX Plan

A User Experience plan is an agreed definition of what the User Experience needs to be based on User Insights and Brand Values. The design will include insights from studies of current experience for Users, where the current key pain points are, including an analysis of the impact upon the organization. The plan will also outline how the experience needs to improve and how the changes will be implemented within the organization.



Understand how Users interacts with the organization and how they feel about their experiences


Using concept workshops, brainstorm around how the experience could be improved


Agree on what experience changes will bring the most value to Users and the organization


Test out the concepts with target Users


Create the User Experience Plan covering how the experience needs to changed and implemented within the organization




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