SAP is ‘the’  go to Enterprise Software Application for Fortune 500 companies. It has maintained and continues to consolidate its leadership position by adopting and advancing latest discoveries of technologies. It is fair to say, for almost all business process, SAP offers systems that can help manage that function.


INFI is the handful of UK’s based independently owned SAP partner with delivery capabilities in multiple locations in India. Our consultants are some of the best known and most experienced in the field. Our work regularly received Praise from our customer for being accurate, creative and robust. One of the Ethos of our company is to be “forever curious” and our consultants are first to experience the latest and greatest of technologies. We are often at the forefront of new creative discoveries due to their vast experience.

Our SAP Practice is organised around deep expertise in the area which was gained over hundreds of years of collective experience of its consultants. Our SAP Leads typically have more than 10 year experience of delivering giant enterprise level complex transformation projects where SAP is one of key components.

Our solutions at customer sites such as development of LSA architecture at one of our Oil and Gas giant, use of in-memory techniques have often been adopted by SAP in subsequent development of its product lines as standard.
Due to our ethos of being “forever curious” we have done pioneering works in the latest SAP technologies and always stayed ahead of curve which has very often delighted our customers.

SAP Functions

INFI has unbeatable domain experience and expertise around the SAP functional implementations and support.


SAP Differentiator

INFI Customers feedback has always been excellent and appreciative of our key differentiator with the SAP companies.


People Differentiator

Our customers often express delight in experiencing the people differentiator that originates from leadership and percolates to every level of our project and support personnel.