INFI Innovation Lab

INFI Innovation lab is setup with the objective of bringing benefit of latest and greatest of emerging technologies to enterprise, businesses and organizations. INFI Innovations labs is led by one of the top researchers in the area of computer engineering.A Computer Engineering alumnus and topper of IIT Kanpur – an Ivy League / Oxbridge level institute. We also collaborate with leading researchers in the area within industry and in the top academic world. This line of business enjoys support of by leading researchers in area. Most of our researchers have advanced degrees from global top ranked institutes in fields of Computer Engineering & Science, Business Management and Customer Psychology.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the built-in capability in computing device including but not limited to applications in computers, mobiles or other devices, which has ability learn from data that is generated while it is being in productive use.

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AI & Apps Lab

Our AI & Apps Lab is our Lab where we prototype and test in various organisation context, various Applications, typically using AI and that can be deployed via many different types of devices including desktop, mobile, watches, IoT, household utilities etc.

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A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. It is considered as Version 2 of internet as it will be “Network of values” whereas Internet Version 1 was network of information.

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