Artificial Intelligence

Infi AI Labs

Our AI & Apps Lab is our Lab where we prototype and test in various organisation context, various Applications, typically using AI and that can be deployed via many different types of devices including desktop, mobile, watches, IoT, household utilities etc.

We also offer use of our R&D facilities to customers on partnership, outsourced or other such models. The lab is also available for use by start-ups, investors and other.

One of the areas where we have tested Apps is on Chatbots, including offers from Microsoft, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework and SAP CAI.

SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI is a bot platform can be used in making enterprise deploy intelligent chatbot with full confidence as the application is robust and built for enterprise. SAP Conversational AI comes with world class natural language processing (NLP) technology and it includes off-the-shelf customer support bot for specific industries.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Build, train, deploy, and monitor intelligent bots
  • Leverage world-class NLP technology
  • Connect to popular messaging channels, like Twitter

Why Infi

INFI’s AI & Apps Lab including Business R&D labs are lead by leading researchers in area. Most of our researchers have advanced degrees from global top ranked institutes in fields of Computer Engineering & Science, Business Management and Customer Psychology.

We also provide following advantages in area of Business R&D

  • Catalogue of tested applications.
  • Managed cloud-based Infrastructure and Platform.
  • Access to top of line researchers in the field.
  • Access to our right sourced model to reduce cost without reducing quality of work.
  • Available for outsourcing to Enterprise, Start-ups and Investors (VC, PE etc).



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