Application Portfolio

Application Portfolio

Whether you are fast growing growing organisation that wants to take first steps in implementing organised software, such as ERP or CRM or matured one, we suggest an asset portfolio based view in building your digital capability.  This should be aligned with your organisations strategic goals

Why Infi

INFI’s AI & Apps Lab including Business R&D labs are lead by leading researchers in area. Most of our researchers have advanced degrees from global top ranked institutes in fields of Computer Engineering & Science, Business Management and Customer Psychology.

We also provide following advantages in area of Business R&D

  • Catalogue of tested applications.
  • Managed cloud-based Infrastructure and Platform.
  • Access to top of line researchers in the field.
  • Access to our right sourced model to reduce cost without reducing quality of work.
  • Available for outsourcing to Enterprise, Start-ups and Investors (VC, PE etc).



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