build digital capabilities that scales & is flexible

We create develop digital assets that has best RoI  in market



Application Portfolio

We build portfolio of applications that follow design thinking principles that has homogeneity, flexibility, scalability and integrate with each other.

SAP, Dynamics & ERP

For most sizeable organisation, an ERP is solid return on investment. It forms the backbone for core processes. Applications like SAP and Dynamics are some of the standard ERPs we do.
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Information Factory

One of the core digital capabilities that we deliver to enterprise is the information factory; that harmonises information and data from internal applications and external sources.

Model Library

We have library of models that can be used directly in context of an enterprise.
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For long term digital assets, such as core ERP with expected useful life spanning decades, we build and run CoE. These are customer owned and very cost effective.

Global Resource Access

Our CoE's by default is built to leverage global network of resource providers with governance models to ensure deliveries are effective and secure even if the CoE are spread across globe.
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Infi Digital Capabilities 
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