Cloud is excellent platform for innovations and development of new business models, operations and deployment.
These Innovation systems can be stand deployments or can append and extend systems landscape.


Build and deploy: We have experience of building and deploying over 150TB Predictive Analytics solution in cloud, giving us unique insight into the technical challenges and solutions of such deployments.

Pioneered BI on Cloud – INFI UK has pioneered BI on cloud, the solution brings down implementation cycles from months/ years to days/ months depending on complexity of solutions.

Experience of Landscape re-design – We have experience of redesigning Landscape redesign for multiple customers; redesigning typical on-premise landscape of Dev-QAS- Prod to additional element of cloud in very creative ways thereby reducing costs of by fraction of on-premise usage.

Automation Scripts: We have automation scripts that automate deployment of many different services for variety of deployment, reducing cost, complexity and time to implement greenfield projects in cloud.

Unparalleled experience of setup and architecture of various services such as DRs, BCP, Backups, Security, Encryption and other cloud services.