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Dell Virtustream

Virtustream is leader of the pack when it comes to enterprise class cloud platform. It has technology and services purpose-built for the complex needs of global IT organizations. Virtustream is well suited for—complex, mission-critical applications that keep factories running, hospitals helping patients, engines turning and commerce moving. It is platform that’s as practical as it is powerful. A platform designed to run the most complex, mission-critical applications—the spinal fluid systems of record for big business. A cloud engineered for your organization—with the performance, security, resilience and services to support your entire IT estate. As it stands. Without refactoring or rewriting. Virtustream also has industry leading pricing model where the customer pays only for the resources that it uses. It is our experience that, for mission critical applications, Virtustream is go to platform.


We have successfully deployed (migration & greenfield) some of the most mission critical SAP and HANA applications into Virtustream and know each of its micro-services inside out.



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