Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard and Reports

Dashboards and reports gives users an easier way to explore insights and test-out future scenarios. At INFI we use variety of tools to create extremely accurate reports and stunning and intuitive dashboards, together these provide full suite of analytics for enterprise, generally on historic data. While our UX designers create stunning, visually aesthetic and intuitively deductive interfaces, our developers ensure the data that is presented is clean and accurate. This ensures decisions that are clear in conception due to visualization but also reliable and are taken with confidence due to accuracy of data.

Infi Analytics

INFI UK has deep experience and experience of working in Analytics field. One of the company problem with Analytics implementation has been data quality in terms of reliability. This generally means, even when analytical solutions are done, there is lag between decision based on analytics and availability of data. This also means there lack of user adoption of the analytics. If the analytics are to be used in real time and is to be integrated by operational users, the accuracy of data is acutely important. INFI has decades of cleansing and integrating data in a very wide functional and process areas of enterprise has provided INFI with unique ability to not just create functionally usable analytics, but also confidence for decision making. Our consultants understand, intricately, data used in analytics. We understand data as it is captured, stored, transferred via ETL into information factories, its business context, its structure as it relates to business context. When we build Analytics solution, we can therefore explain exactly what a data element means it the context of its use and this also allows us to build a very reliable actionable analytics solutions.



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