INFI UK is at forefront of solving some of the most intricate business problems, which seemingly do not render itself to easy rational decision making.  When faced with such problems most business leaders use heuristics and gut feelings to decide. It goes without saying, these are risky and are used only because leaders find themselves with no option. Through many years of research and analysis working in business management, INFI UK discovered that many of these problems are problems of infinities; of what a business scientist will call undetermined and undefined variables.   Some use the terms, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Insights gained by working through some of the most complex business transformations and through many revolutionary innovations, INFI has developed methodologies to solve these problems of Infinities.


INFI UK are  UK based leading SAP Consultancy. We are change and project managers, thought leaders,  innovation leaders and technology implementation experts,  developing and deploying latest and greatest technologies for businesses.

INFI UK helps companies become faster, better and simultaneously reduce costs with our carefully selected teams of SAP experts and using our expertise in development of applications. Our applications are aesthetically pleasing, optimized for intuitive usage and functionally advanced providing the cutting edge that our customers utilise to stay ahead of the curve.

We have global presence, with offices in City of London, Sutton, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Noida and representative office in USA giving us access to excellent ability to hire expertise locally and reduce costs and issues associated with relocation. 

We bring to fore, expertise in range of advanced computing applications and infrastructure, with partnership with leaders in enterprise applications and computing, such as SAP, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Virtustream and other leading providers. Our expertise and early pioneering works on cloud is leveraged by our clients to migrate and use cloud seamlessly and without disruption to business operations.