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Solve Infinities

Infi solves business problems of infinities

Infi solves business problems of seemingly unknowns and unknowable, we call these problems of infinities. Like artists, we creatively use techniques developed by our R&D teams in areas of Statistics, Mathematics, AI, ML and Robotics to solve such business problem. Our R&D Lab is lead by Sudipta Giri, who has over 25 years experience of advanced research in area of computer engineering, mathematics, statistics, AI and ML. He is topper of prestigious IIT Kanpur in India and an alumni of IISc Bangalore. 

Digital  Nucleus 

Build  Information and System Capabilities   

We help business design and create systems of data capture, storage, integration and distribution from within organisation and outside. The resultant capabilities can flexibly leveraged to create solutions that are robust, flexible and help enterprise fight and win every important battle in the competitive markets

Realise Future Models

Leverage Technologies and Accelerators Future Model To Change Operational Models

We leverage cloud and library of accelerators to deliver solutions at incredible speed, we ensure quality by incremental but step changes that are fully tested. 


Infi’s SAP expertise is unbeatable. 

Infi has deep roots in SAP. Whether it is supporting legacy SAP or HANA based newer systems or the newly acquired business Systems, Infi helps organisation configure and support wide array of SAP systems. 


INFI specialism


We are a SAP Specialist Consulting Company. We cover everything in SAP


Infi is one of the first companies to implement SAP in UK. We remain at the forefronts


We have R&D Labs dedicated to research in latest advances in technology space in areas such as AI


Infi solves problems of known unknowns and unknown unknowns. We have invented specialist techniques and tools to solve seeming impossile problems


Along with SAP and Cloud, Analytics is our core competence since our founding.


We can support SAP versions dating back to early releases of R3.


We have delivered some of the most challenging transformation projects, with multiple applicable as part of solution.


Unique Value Proposition

Infi UK is one of the earliest starters in SAP HANA. Our principals were one of the first to be certified in SAP HANA and have stayed ahead of curve ever since.
Anand Gupta
Global Head, ENSW
Infi UK has capacity to solve seemingly impossible problems of infinities because our people are at forefront of research for solutions of complex business problem using the latest methods from world of AI, Decision Science, Mathematics and Statistics.
Charlotte Ray
R&D Head - AI
As technology company we at Infi have robust program to remain at the forefront of technologies e.g. we were one of the first companies that brought benefit of cloud to our clients, our current expertise spans AWS, Dell Virtustream, SAP HEC and Hybrid Cloud.
Richard Burton
Director Technology